Largest hospital in Vilnius calls for volunteers amid spiking hospitalisations

Santara Clinics in Vilnius, the largest hospital in the Lithuanian capital, have called for volunteers to help with a spike of hospitalisations.

“There is much work that does not require medical education, but without it, the functioning of the whole hospital would be interrupted,” Aušra Bilotienė Motiejūnienė, head of management at Sanatara Clinics, said in a press release.

The volunteers would be tasked with helping escort or bring patients from one part of the hospital to the other, bring testing samples to the laboratories, and general support duties. The volunteers may also work with Covid-19 patients.

Everyone would be extensively trained before being assigned duties, according to the press release. The hospital hopes to particularly attract volunteers willing to work full shifts, especially at night and during the holidays.

The initiative is organised together with Lithuania’s Red Cross organisation.


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