Kariņš: people will pay for their own Covid-19 tests to access services

If a person does not vaccinate against Covid-19, but will want to access different services by presenting a negative test, the cost of the test will have to be borne by themselves, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš told Latvian Television June 9.

The cost of one test is nearly €40.

“What’s cheaper for taxpayers? To vaccinate or test? Of course, vaccinate,” said Kariņš, indicating that it is only a matter of time that if an unvaccinated person needs a test to access a service, it will have to be done by his or her own means.

As regards travel opportunities, Kariņš estimated that in mid-June, fully vaccinated people will have free entry to Latvia and Europe.

“The task also on my part is to make the system simple and logical – if you are vaccinated, travel freely, if you have not been vaccinated, wait for the test and observe self-isolation,” Kariņš said.


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