In Latvia during military exercises shells fell 150 metres from private houses

In Latvia, Ādaži County, during military exercises anti-tank shells flying outside of the ground and fell 150 metres from residential houses. It is reported by LSM.

No one suffered in the accident, but about 600 square meters of burn-out burned out. A service investigation has been started in the national armed forces.

“… the projectile flew outside the polygon and fell 150 metres from adjacent houses. The fire burned about 600 square meters of private land. In the National armed forces the reason called “technical problem when launching anti-tank missiles,” – said in the message.

In Latvia during military exercises shells fell 150 metres from private houses

To extinguish the fire attracted the resources of the Latvian army. Also the Latvian army promises to compensate for all your losses, but explains that, despite compliance with all security measures, “such incidents are possible”.

A witness of the incident told Andris that the shock wave was very strong. At the time of the explosion he and his son were in his yard.

“The air wave almost slid away and the juniors were in the middle of the garden. He was in shock for a long time, he ran to the place where the soldier in the army ran away from the bomb. That air wave came to me as an adult, didn’t understand what it is for a few seconds,” Andis said.

After a while, smoke from the neighboring logging area on the edge of the Ādaži landfill began and the family ran to see what had happened.

“Here the cars drove, ran and crashed here, cleared and not present – for your safety! There were no firefighters, they were fired themselves, with the same removal a year ago in Sida County, that large acres were burned, “Andis said.

This time, the spread of fire in the dry area has been successfully stopped.

Judging by the sign with the beginning and further markings of the Ādaži landfill site and after the burned-out area, the load fell at least about 100-150 meters from nearby houses.

 shells fell 150 metres from private houses

The national armed forces explain that the accusation was fired during the training and that a service check was started.

“As a result of the technical failure of the antitank projectile, a 10×30 meter log was owned by a private person outside the deposit limit. This technical error will then be determined as a result of the investigation and it would be premature to draw conclusions at this time,” said the representative of NBS by telephone.

Immediately after the performance of the NAF representatives, contacted the owner of the burned area and promised to pay the full damage. Meanwhile, Andis emphasizes that it is only a fortunate coincidence that nothing worse has happened – the family has occasionally walked along the edge of the forest, and if the rocket had ever flown so far, it could land a hundred meters further, where people continuously.

“You have to understand why this happens. Half a year ago the neighbor goes to the vending machines, on his stomach, through the garden, on the chicken side, they say we have the goal there, she says, you are out training field, “thought Andis.

The armed forces acknowledge that the incident cannot be regarded as a routine condition and that the Ministry of Defence has been informed of this.

Recall, the defence Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Denmark signed in Brussels a Memorandum of understanding in connection with the formation of headquarters of the Northern division of NATO.

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