Hospitals forced to limit health services

With the rapidly increasing incidence of Covid-19 and the number of patients in hospitals, the State Operational Medical Commission (VOMK) decided October 14 to stop providing scheduled health services at hospitals as of next Monday.

The decision was taken because of the need to provide additional resources for the treatment of urgent and Covid-19 patients.

Each medical treatment institution will contact the patient individually to inform if any scheduled healthcare service is postponed. These patients will not lose their queue. For accurate information on state-paid health services, the Ministry of Health asked to contact the National Health Service by phone 80001234.

The ministry referred to epidemiological forecasts indicating that in hospitals, capacity in Covid-19 patients will continue to grow rapidly. The number of Covid-19 patients has now increased to 954 of which 116 have severe symptoms.

Hospitals will continue to provide:

The decision also provides that large hospitals can continue to provide more assistance if they can provide all the necessary resources for the treatment of urgent and Covid-19 patients.

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