Half of Lithuanians Think The Roop Can Beat LT United’s Eurovision Record

Polling by Delfi reveals that just under half of Lithuanians think that The Roop can beat LT United’s placement at Eurovision.

47.96% of Lithuanian’s believe this is the year that LT United’s record of a 6th place finish in the Eurovision Song Contest can be beaten. Polling by Delfi shows that just under half of Lithuanians think that The Roop will beat LT United’s record with 38.78% believing that they will not place higher than 6th.

When asked about which of The Roop’s two songs that were selected for Eurovision, “On Fire” for 2020 and “Discoteque” for 2021, 64.29% said that they preferred the groups 2020 entry. Just 18.37% of respondents said that they preferred “Discoteque”.

Lithuania currently sits as eighth favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, this comes in contrast to their placement as favourite with the bookmakers at the end of January and beginning of February.

The Roop will be performing in the first Semi-Final in Rotterdam on May 18th.

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