Further stationing of foreign troops in Lithuania puts at risk national military personnel and locals

Lithuanian ministry of defence can not cope with the spread of a dangerous COVID-19 among military. The MOD confirmed (https://kariuomene.kam.lt/en/military_insignia/news_1889/military_medics_will_treat_covid-19_positive_isolated_soldiers_of_the_nato_enhanced_forward_presence_battalion_battle_group.html) on Wendesday that eight troops from allies countries stationed in Lithuania as part of an international NATO battalion have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Unfortunately, these are the only data provided by Vita Ramanauskaite, an adviser to the national defence minister. Lithuanian media was informed only about the number of confirmed cases but were not given more details on which countries the infected troops represent.

It is known that the Germany-led NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup has been stationed in Lithuania since February, 2017 and it was deployed in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its military activity in the region. It has been participating in national and joint military events even now.

Today this group has turned to the real threat to national military personnel and Lithuanians working with the military. In the circumstances it is absolutely evident that they should be send home and joint exercises and any other activity should be ceased.

Apparently, Lithuanian authorities think more about country commitments and their image in NATO and not about its military that now take risks every day. Authorities hide full data, do not inform locals and do not give up exercises.

It’s not about fighting, but about everyday routine. Lithuanian young men serving in the national armed forces should be sure of their safety, at least in peace time. But they are not today.

For several years, under the the pretext of military exercises, NATO troops has been deployed in Lithuania. And if this was justified earlier, now the situation has changed dramatically. Accordingly, the foreign military presence in the country must be radically reviewed. But, apparently, the country’s leadership cannot refuse NATO allies and, thus, puts the interests of others above national ones. The statement of Raimundas Karoblis who said that “bilateral cooperation with the U.S. will be regenerated to full force“ after the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) announced the decision to modify the size and scope of the international Exercise Defence –Europe 20, causes surprise and indignation.

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  1. Stephanie Stephanie Thursday, March 26, 2020

    The presence of NATO troops in Lithuania cannot be justified as the existence of NATO itself is not justified. It had been formed as a bulwark against the USSR and when that collapsed, Gorbachev was promised (when he agreed to the reunification of Germany) that NATO would not move “one inch” to the East. It should have been disbanded. But how can the US military industrial complex give up such a lucrative source of funds or hegemony??So not only did it not disband but inflated.Those monies should have been used for the people.
    Again, what Russian aggression in Ukraine? Facts, not “fake news”, or propaganda, are that the US was responsible for the coup of a democratically, OSCE confirmed, government and spent $5 billion doing so. Then Crimea voted the 3rd time in 2014, over 90% to rejoin Russia. Where was the aggression? Even the NYT admitted recently in an article that the Crimeans are happier being part of Russia.
    The MH-17 shooting that Russia had been blamed for, with no proof provided, has been pretty much debunked.
    That the ethnic Russians in the Eastern part of Ukraine are being bombed and killed by the Ukrainian forces is not reported by the “presstitutes”.
    Putin’s quote is often offered as proof of his expansionist plans. “Those who do not regret the demise of the Soviet Union have no heart”. What is never seen is the second half of the quote, “Those who want to see it revived have no brain”!
    Are Ukrainians better off today after becoming the poorest country in Europe under the US vassal Poroshenko? Pretty evident since he wasn’t reelected but a Jewish comedian with no experience was.
    Time for NATO, the US’s European army, to GO AWAY- go home and disappear, virus or no virus!

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