Fuel prices rise yet again in Estonia

Fuel prices have risen once again, for the third time this month so far as diesel goes, and following a price rise for both diesel and gas just last week.

95-gasoline now costs €1.349 per liter at pump, up from €1.329, while diesel has risen to €1.219 a liter, also a two-cent climb.

Just a week ago, diesel prices rose to €1.199 per liter at pump, up from €1.169 per liter, while 95 gasoline rose by one cent, to €1.329 a liter.

The current increase is the third this month – diesel prices rose from €1.139 a liter to €1.169 a liter in early February.

Gas prices rose to to €1.279  (95) and €1.329  (98) per liter in mid-January.

The trend for rising prices is linked to increasing world oil prices.

Read more: ERR.EE

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