Fuel prices reach new record levels

Fuel prices have reached a new high, breaking the previous record-levels for Estonia.

As of Tuesday, 95 gasoline had risen by two cents, to €1.559 per liter at pump, while 98 octane rose three cents, to €1.609 per liter.

Diesel, below a euro-a-liter for much of the second half of last year, now costs €1.349 per liter.

A week ago, 95 octane gas cost €1.539, 98 octane €1.589 and diesel €1.329 per liter, and even this level followed an identical price rise on the preceding week.

Fuel retailers have jointly been raising prices over the past three weeks, while world oil prices have risen to recent record levels – Brent crude cost US$83.65 a barrel on Monday, a rise of 1.5 percent on the previous day.

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