Freight volume up, passenger numbers down at Rīga airport

Passenger turnover at Riga Airport in November this year decreased by 90.9% compared to November 2019, according to Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) data published December 17.

The total number of flights was 1 903, that is 70.1% less. Total volume of arrivals and departures of freight and mail decreased by 4.5%.

In November, the total number of passengers arriving and departing at Riga Airport was 50 222 – that is 40.4 thousand less than in October this year.

In November, there were 1.4 thousand tons of freight and mail arrivals, which is 19.3% more than a year ago, but one thousand tons of departures – which is 25.5% less. The volume of cargo arrivals in November this year is the largest in the last five years. Compared to October, the volume of freight and mail arrivals has increased by 26.7%, whereas departures – decreased by 6.3%.

In the eleven months of the year, the total number of passengers served at Riga Airport was 2 million, which is 72.9 % less than in the same period a year ago. During this period, there were 20.5 thousand tons of freight and mail arrivals and departures – that was a decrease of 16.9%.

Activity of Riga International Airport in September, October and November 2020 and changes over the previous period


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