Food, electricity had biggest impact on August’s consumer price index

In August 2021, the consumer price index increased by 0.7 percent compared to July 2021 and by 5.0 percent compared to August 2020, data from Statistics Estonia shows.

Goods were 3.8 percent and services 7.3 percent more expensive than in August last year.

Viktoria Trasanov, leading analyst at Statistics Estonia, said that, compared to August 2020, the consumer price index was influenced the most by the price increase of housing services, which accounted for a third of the total change of the index.

“The electricity that reached homes was 38.8 percent and rent 13.5 percent more expensive,” Trasanov said.

The price increase of motor fuel continued to have a big impact on the index change: Petrol was 15.7 percent and diesel 22.7 percent more expensive than in August last year.

Among food products, the biggest increase was recorded in the prices of potatoes (40.9 percent), fresh fish (16.4 percent) and fresh vegetables (15.8 percent).

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