Finance ministry opens new Estonian-Russian infrastructure project tenders

Ministry of Finance is waiting for ideas for large-scale infrastructure projects in the Estonian-Russian cross-border cooperation program.

The finance ministry says it is awaiting proposals for large-scale, cross-border projects on Estonia’s eastern frontier.

The time-frame is 2021-2027 and projects much have a cross-border impact affecting both Russia and Estonia, for instance environmental activities, the ministry says.

The program is set for the years 2021-2027

lena Musthallik, ministry adviser, told ERR: “If, for example, wastewater treatment plants were to be built on both sides of Lake Peipsi, the cross-border impact would be obvious.”

The programming committee approved seven possible aspects of its Estonian-Russian program, into which the projects must fit, Musthallik said, including promoting sustainable water management, facilitating a transition to a circular economy, increasing research potential, as well as tech, culture, tourism and social issues.

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