Fake news on NATO withdrawal from Lithuania sent to media, Brussels

A falsified email from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on alleged withdrawal of allied troops from Lithuania is being sent out across Lithuania, as well as to Brussels, the Lithuanian  Defence   Ministry said on Tuesday.

“It’s another of the many attempts to turn the pandemic crisis into a security crisis. Fake news like this are aimed at sowing distrust in the unity of allied partners and NATO,” Karoblis said in a press release.

The falsified email is being sent to the country’s media outlets, institutions, as well as addresses at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The Strategic Communication Department at the Lithuanian Armed Forces says consistent attempts to spread disinformation, taking advantage of the pandemic crisis, have taken place for several months.

“There has been fake news about a US soldier allegedly infected with the coronavirus in Lithuania or the alleged intention expressed by the Defence Ministry to not halt international military exercises,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, there have been 807 cases of disseminating misleading information about Covid-19 since February 1.

They have been spread in English, Lithuanian and Russian, with the latter accounting for almost two thirds of the cases.


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