European Union strengthens countries’ sovereignty

The European Union strengthens its member states’ sovereignty, not reduces it. It is a union that combines many small and medium-sized countries, and together we are stronger. Without European Union’s assistance and our mutual cooperation we would be much more vulnerable on our own, said chairperson of Latvian Saeima’s European Affairs Committee Lolita Čigāne during ‘Baltic EU talks 2018: has Europe recovered?’ conference.

Čigāne emphasized that the need for a joint and coordinated policy is becoming more important now, when Russia is becoming more aggressive.

«EU has proven that it is capable of working together. It is important for member states to make their decisions in agreement with others and with respect of democratic values,» said Čigāne.

In addition, Čigāne mentioned that the process of reaching an agreement is long and complicated. Nevertheless, it proves EU’s longevity.

The chairperson of the European Affairs Committee also mentioned the chemical attack that took place in Salisbury, United Kingdom, earlier this month. Although the UK has decided to leave the EU, it remains an important partner for remaining member states.

The conference was organized by Saeima’s European Affairs Committee in cooperation with Latvia’s Foreign Policy Institute and European Commission’s Office in Latvia.


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