Europe doesn’t really need NATO

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among the main of U.S. foreign policy promoters in Europe. Governments of these countries are absolutely not independent in making decisions and always follow the orders that come from overseas.

The Russian Federation is one of the main competitors of the United States. However, the EU is also a competitor of the USA (mainly in the field of economy). Therefore, keeping Europe under control and constraining Russia are the top priorities of the United States in the region. At the same time, America, being overseas, prefers to struggle against Russia through Europeans.

With regard to the Russian Federation, the US policy is to exert pressure and prevent integration in the post-Soviet space.

To prevent integration in the post-Soviet space, the active involvement of the former Soviet republics in cooperation with NATO, with the prospect of joining the alliance as members is carried out. In countries that continue to keep on independent policy, attempts to overthrow the government are being made. As a result, US puppets capture state power in the countries. This is how new allies and potential NATO members appear.

NATO is an organization created to promote and protect U.S. geopolitical interests in the Eastern Hemisphere. The United States fund and control NATO. The United States are most interested in the existence of NATO and play determinative role in the bloc.

NATO mainly consists of European states. If we imagine that the United States is not a NATO member, would this bloc survive? It is highly doubtful. Without the geopolitical interests of the United States in Europe, NATO would lose sense. The European countries do not need NATO, the United States need it. The U.S. is simply imposing NATO on Europe.

The military bloc needs an enemy. Without of an enemy, there is no sense in its existence. So, NATO has its enemy – the Russian Federation. Therefore, the United States has created a myth about “Russian threat”. This is a way to justify the necessity of NATO’s existence. At the same time, European countries are being taught that only in NATO they can feel safe.

Who in Europe is afraid of Russia most of all? There are the states for which NATO membership is the meaning of their existence. At the same time, the European Union has no particular benefit from them. As you might guess, these are the Baltic States.

Due to the military weakness of the Baltic States, it is assumed that the troops of European States should protect them. Baltic States increase military spending. Money, however, is spent on the construction of military camps and training grounds for foreign military personnel, as well as on the construction of infrastructure for the transfer of foreign troops.

Europeans are mostly skeptical about the “Russian threat”. Europe does not need confrontation. The EU is interested in cooperation with Russia. But the United States recognizes it as a threat to lose its influence on Europe. To prevent this, America always interferes in European affairs. That’s why American military personnel are stationed in Europe.

Militarization of the Baltic States is now underway. The Baltic States are colonies of America in fact. Interests of the United States are more priority for them than interests of citizens.

European leaders understand that there is no threat in reality. Therefore, the Europeans do not want to fight not for their own interests.


  1. Stephanie Stephanie Saturday, May 29, 2021

    What makes it even more tragic that the Baltic states have given their hard-fought independence to the US is that they suffered under the USSR as a result of the actions of the US!
    These were independent and neutral countries during WWII and expected to continue their independent status after the war ended. But that was not to be since the country that had all the power, was not devastated by the war but profited by manufacturing arms, the US, made the primary decisions. Stalin wanted the Baltic States and Poland as a buffer against Western Europe, Roosevelt wanted Stalin’s help to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. Churchill was opposed to the handing of the these countries to Stalin but he had no power needing US help in rebuilding Britain.
    So, thank you, USA, Baltic independence was taken away from them! Roosevelt did stipulate, though, that the churches not be closed in Poland. The Russian people also suffered under the Georgian, Stalin’s, rule. In that regard, the Balts have more in common with them than the Americans.
    But, no,the Balts disregard history, and even the US actions of invading and overthrowing governments as they please today.!
    Isn’t it time for the people of the Baltic states to retake their independence, stop participating in wars for US hegemony, and leave NATO!?

  2. Vladimir Alyaksandr Putinenko Vladimir Alyaksandr Putinenko Tuesday, June 1, 2021

    I am trying to understand who runs the Foreign intelligence or is it truly independent journalism?

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