EU in favour of using sanctions against cyber-attacks, chemical weapons’ threats

The member states of the European Union have in this week’s summit decided to implement sanctions over threats of chemical weapons and expressed readiness to implement sanctions against cyber-attacks.

According to the conclusions of the European Council meeting of Thursday, October 18, the leaders of the 27 member states focused a large part of their discussions on internal security.

«EU will further strengthen its deterrence and resilience against hybrid, cyber, as well as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats,» read the conclusions, where member state leaders have also welcomed «the adoption of the new regime of restrictive measures to address the threat from chemical weapons and looks forward to early progress on the listing of relevant individuals and entities»

As to possible sanctions over cyber-attacks the leaders agreed that «work on the capacity to respond to and deter cyber-attacks through EU restrictive measures should be taken forward».

To make the EU more resilient against cyber-attacks, negotiations on all cybersecurity proposals should be concluded before the end of the legislature, the European Parliament, which ends in April 2019.

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