Estonia’s state budget to be more detailed, budget process simpler

The government wants to make the budget more “understandable” and transparent from 2022, Minister of Justice Maris Lauri has said.

The bill presented by the Mministry of Finance would make the state budget seven times more detailed compared with the present and make changes to the process of preparing the budget.

Specifically, where at present time-consuming budget negotiations are held twice every year, in the future details would be decided about only in the fall.

“We want to make the budget more understandable already from next year. The budget will be much more detailed and clearer. But these are only the first steps — we will look at what we can make better still during the budget talks in autumn,” said Lauri, who is standing in for the minister of finance.

“It must already be clear from the budget table where public money is going. This will increase transparency and both decision-makers and ordinary people will have a better understanding of what the content of budgetary decisions is,” the minister said.

The level of detail of the state budget will increase by two steps, with the number of budget lines increasing sevenfold. While the state budget currently reflects 38 programs, in the future the document will also set out their breakdown into around 250 program activities. During the budget process, the names of the program activities will also be revised so that their content can be easily understood.

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