Estonia: Unemployment Fund pays out €27 million in wage compensation in April

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (Töötukassa) paid out nearly €27 million in wage support during April. Additionally, the number of registered unemployed decreased in Estonia last month.

Tentative figures show the rate of unemployment at the end of the month was 8.6 percent and people registered as unemployed with the Unemployment Insurance Fund numbered approximately 56,100. At the end of March, the number was nearing 57,500.

The registered unemployment rate continues to be highest in Ida-Viru County at 14.2 percent. The number of unemployed people in said county decreased by close to 200 during the month, however.

At the end of March, the unemployment rate in Ida-Viru County was 14.6 percent.

Wage compensation for the month of March was assigned to a total of 34,733 employees at 4,991 institutions. The average size of the compensation was €579 and the sum total spent for that purpose was €26.8 million.

The highest ratios among the recipients of the compensation were made up by employees in the fields of accommodation and food service with 26.5 percent, retail and wholesale employees with  24.9 percent, and people active in arts, entertainment and leisure activities with 12.7 percent.

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