Estonia earns 150 000 euros from military evaders annually

Estonian compulsory military service is evaded by about 1 000 young men each year, who have to pay fines that annually exceed the combined total of 150 000 euros.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that in 2017, Estonian authorities issued 221 misdemeanour fines with the average fine of 500 euros for avoiding compulsory military conscription. Young men are also fined if they do not appear before the medical commission of the Estonian Defence Forces.

According to a new law to come into effect in January 2019, an individual not fulfilling the military service duty will have his driver’s licence suspended on the basis of a court order.

«I am optimistic that this may motivate someone to reconsider,» Director General of the Defence Resources Agency Margus Pae commented. «You may have a good job, or your father may have a lot of money, but [the suspension of] a driver’s licence is more effective.»

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