Estonia: Closing stores creates unfair competition

The government’s decision to close stores creates unfair competition and financial damage among construction and gardening stores, construction company K-rauta has said in an appeal to the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Andres Sutt (Reform).

Donatas Zalobaitis, manager of Kesko Senukai Estonia, operator of K-Rauta stores said people who need construction and gardening products are now shopping in bigger food stores, which is opposite to the aim of the restrictions.

“Treating stores with similar product range differently causes huge competition issues. The result of closing stores has been the customer flow turning to bigger food store chains,” Zalobaitis said. “It definitely doesn’t comply with the aim of decreasing the risk of infection.”

Zalobaitis pointed out that people’s interest – especially in the spring season – to buy products sold in construction and gardening stores will not disappear regardless of the pandemic.

“The spring season is the only period of the year for some types of work, and the need for products sold in construction and gardening stores is especially strong during the spring season,” Zalobaitis said.

The reopening of construction and gardening stores not only gives people the opportunity to buy the products they need but also reduces the occupancy rate in the shops in general.

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