Establishments in Tallinn about their earnings

Entertainment establishments in Tallinn believe their earnings have fallen after the introduction of coronavirus certificates, but statistics from the tax office show business is recovering well.

On Monday, ETV’s current affairs show “Aktuaalne kaamera” (AK) spoke with restaurant owners and others about business turnover after the introduction of coronavirus certificates in August.

It was estimated trade had fallen by approximately a third and is believed to be linked to the low vaccination rate. Only 66 percent of adults have been vaccinated at least once in Estonia.

Tiina Kõresoo, hostess at restaurant Salt, said the business now offers coronavirus testing on the door to attract more customers.

She told AK the large number of people who do not have proof of vaccination or recovery is behind a fall in revenue.

“I would say it is somewhere around 30 percent. It has definitely been noticeable, restaurants are especially vulnerable after a long period of suffering,” Kõresoo said.

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