Eesti Energia to drop oil shale electricity production by 2030

State energy firm Eesti Energia announced it will stop producing electricity from oil shale by 2030. However, the firm will not drop oil shale completely and Enefit Power will continue as a chemical plant.

“There are revolutionary changes happening in the energetics sector, nobody can help it any more,” said Eesti Energia board chairman Hando Sutter commenting on the new action plan.

70 percent of energy consumed in the EU comes from fossil sources, the number is at 80 percent for the world. At the same time, energy consumption is growing and there are more people, Sutter added.

The chairman of the board said the cornerstone of Estonia’s exit from oil shale is an energy system leaning heavily on renewable energy, which is the cheapest and most realistic path towards carbon neutrality. “It takes into account the technologies of today,” he said.

The firm will stop producing oil shale by 2025 but will continue to use the gas from oil shale production to produce electricity until 2030.

Offshore wind farms and solar energy a cornerstone of the strategy

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