€200 million water purification filter plant to be built in Narva

A €200 million fully robotic water purification filter plant will be built at Narva Industrial Park in Ida-Viru County by 2025.

The plant will be built by water treatment company Aquaphor International OÜ but a precondition is the creation of a detailed plan for the third stage of the industrial park, a design for the production building and the issuance of a building permit by the end of the second quarter of 2023.

Board member Joseph L Shmidt said this summer a pilot project will start to produce new environmentally friendly water treatment filters for use in households and companies

“In March 2022, we will start small-scale production of a new generation of filters in an 11,000-square-meter factory, which we have already started building in Narva. The new full-capacity production plant is planned to be built and commissioned within three years from today. The most probable location of this plant would be in Ida-Viru County, if all parties meet the agreement, which is fixed in the letter of intent,” he said.

Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Andres Sutt (Reform) said the plant will contribute significantly to the region and have a wide socio-economic impact.

“It will definitely not be the last investment with billions of potential, and I am optimistic about the future of Ida-Viru County,” said Sutt.

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