Donald Trump has to join Latvia’s ‘looser table’ in US comedy sketch (Video)

Saturday Night Live, a popular comedy sketch show in the US, took a dig at the American president by turning the NATO summit into a cafeteria and having Donald Trump sit at a “loser table” with Latvia.

After a  video   emerged from the NATO summit earlier in December that saw the leaders of Canada, the United Kingdom, and France mock Trump, several US comedy shows took a dig at Trump, who called the Canadian PM “two-faced” and left the summit earlier than planned.

In the SNL sketch, Trump is made to sit with Latvia, where a self-realisation kicks in that he’s sitting at a “loser table,” before wiping the tears away with a cheeseburger.

Donald Trump hosted the leaders of eight countries, including Lithuania, that spend at least 2-percent of their national GDP on defence, for an exclusive lunch.


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