Domestic tourists keeping Estonian tourism industry in business

In February, Estonian accommodation establishments served nearly 100,000 tourists who spent 187,000 nights in total, data from Statistics Estonia shows. The number of visitors dropped by 57 percent compared to February 2020.

Analyst at Statistics Estonia Helga Laurmaa said most of the accommodated guests were domestic tourists and only 13 percent were foreign tourists. “Year on year, the number of foreign tourists fell by 90 percent and the number of domestic tourists by 22 percent,” Laurmaa said.

87,000 domestic tourists stayed at accommodation establishments and spent a total of 149,000 nights. The largest share of domestic tourists preferred the accommodation establishments of Harju county, followed by Pärnu, Tartu, Ida-Viru and Valga counties.

The biggest number of foreign tourists still came from neighbouring countries – 2,000 from Finland and 1,700 from Latvia. The total number of accommodated foreign tourists was 12,500. They spent 38,000 nights in Estonia, which is just 16 percent of the nights spent in February last year. Three quarters of foreign tourists were accommodated in Harju county, 10 percent in Tartu county and 4 percent in Valga county.

In February, there were 888 accommodation establishments open to tourists in Estonia, which is 3 percent less than the year before. There were 19,000 rooms available for guests. The average cost of an overnight stay was €30 euros person, which is €4 cheaper than in February 2020. The average cost of a guest night was €33 in Tartu county, €31 in Pärnu county and €30 in Harju and Valga counties.

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