Doctors and IT experts in the lead. Which professions do parents want for their children?

The most popular professions parents want for their children include businessman, IT specialist, doctor and architect, as concluded in the survey performed by SEB Bank’s Life Insurance. Among the least preferred professions are teacher, journalist and chef.

Survey results show that the majority of parents believe their children’s growth requires emotional and financial support from relatives, as well as talent and interest in the chosen profession.

As for the future of their children, 53% of interviewed parents said they would like them to have higher education and a well-paid job, whereas 36% of parents said it is more important for children to enjoy their work and continue developing their talents.

To support their children on the road towards greater accomplishments, 65% of parents are prepared to devote a much time and attention to their children’s hobbies, 57% are prepared to support their children’s interests financially, whereas 32% make savings for their children’s future.

«We often hear that making savings requires high income, but our experience and survey results show that parents will different income levels make savings for their children’s future. What is most important is the will to provide children with start capital to be used for first housing instalment, tuition fee or starting a business, considering most parents want their children to become businessmen,» explains SEB Life Insurance manager Kristīne Lomanovska.

The internet survey was held on SEB Bank’s website in April 2019. 500 respondents aged 25 to 45 took part in it.

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