Covid-19 morbidity rate significantly dropped in Latvia

According to the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC), the number of cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Latvia has reduced by 60% over the past five weeks, while last week’s decrease was 20%.

On average, 245 new infections were detected in one day last week (308 a week earlier). Last week, the number of tests performed decreased by 14.4%, averaging 9,398 tests per day.

An average of 29 patients per day (down from 46 last week) were hospitalized over the past seven days, thus an average of 412 (previously 533) patients are treated in hospitals with Covid-19 daily. All age groups see a reduction.

Covid-19 infection reproduction factor (R) currently stands at 0.85 (a week earlier at 0.79).

Latvia ranks 4th-5th in Europe by highest incidence rate. In Europe the average cumulative incidence rate is 111 while in Latvia it is 201. Overall, the situation in Europe is improving: 19 countries have a stable or declining morbidity.

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