Covid-19 morbidity decreased last week in Latvia

The number of Covid-19 infections is declining and Latvian society must make efforts to prevent a third wave, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) said on March 1.

A total of 4,667 new infections with Covid-19 were recorded last week, compared with 4,813 new cases seven days ago. The incidence has decreased by 3%.

Over the past seven days, a total of 70,477 tests have been conducted in Latvia, and the average rate of positive tests dropped to 6.6% (a total of 66,173 tests seven days ago, a positive rate of 7.3%). The number of tests performed increased by 6.5%, with an average of 10,068 tests per day (9,453 tests per day, seven days ago).

The number of patients in hospitals has remained stable over the past seven days, with an average of 70 hospitalized per day. Data from the National Health Service (NVD) from February 28 shows that 759 patients with Covid-19 are being treated in hospitals, of which 682 are with moderate illness and 77 patients with severe illness.

The SPKC encourages people not to meet outside the home, keep physical distance in public places where there are many people, and properly use a face mask to cover the nose, mouth and chin.

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