Computer and telecoms stores will be allowed to open in malls

Computer and telecommunications specialized shops will be able to operate in large malls, government decided on Thursday, April 8.

Thus, in shopping malls with a total area of more than 7000 square meters and comprising at least five dealers or service providers, stores selling computers, computer accessories, videogame controllers and standard software, and telecommunications equipment, will be able to open and sell these items onsite.

Currently, these stores in major malls can operate the services section, but sales are not allowed.

It is essential to ensure that computers and mobile devices are available when people work and study remotely, said the Economics Ministry. The new amendments come in force immediately.

Since Wednesday, April 7, all shops outside the big malls  have resumed   their work, but stores inside malls may not open. Some have come to creative solutions, such as  bringing production out onto the street   to sell.

The government also supported Economics Ministry’s proposal to allocate EUR 20 million to shopping malls as aid for lease of area.


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