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Unnamed threats to Lithuania

By Lukas Ramonas on Friday, March 30, 2018

The State Security Department and the Second Investigation Department under the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania on March 26, 2018 presented to the society and media representatives the Assessment of national security threats.

The Suwalki Corridor: NATO’s choke point

By Janusz Bugajski on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Any effective political and military alliance must understand its weakest links and take urgent remedial action. The Suwalki Corridor, a 65-kilometer-wide strip of territory linking Poland with Lithuania, is NATO’s most vulnerable choke point along its eastern flank. In the event of conflict between Russia and NATO, Russia’s military—operating from the Kaliningrad exclave and from Belarus—could attempt to close the Suwalki Corridor and incapacitate NATO as a security provider for…

Spy Attack Widens Turkey’s Split With NATO Allies Over Russia

By Selkan Hacaoglu on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

As U.S. and European allies form a diplomatic front against Russia, Turkey’s coziness with the Kremlin is testing its crucial defense ties with the U.S. and its military alliance with NATO. The U.S., Canada and several European nations expelled more than 100 Russian diplomats on Monday to punish President Vladimir Putin’s government for the nerve-agent attack on a former Russian spy in the U.K. Turkey, which has grown closer to…

How the Military Controls America

By Eric Zuesse on Monday, March 26, 2018

Unlike corporations that sell to consumers, Lockheed Martin and the other top contractors to the U.S. Government are highly if not totally dependent upon sales to governments, for their profits, especially sales to their own government, which they control — they control their home market, which is the U.S. Government, and they use it to sell to its allied governments, all of which foreign governments constitute the export markets for…