Russian jet intercepted over Baltic Sea

NATO has published a video taken by the Belgian air force F-16s based in Lithuania intercepting Russian jets over the Baltic Sea.

According to NATO, the Russian jets were “manoeuvring in international airspace overflying the USS Donald Cook, a US Navy 6th Fleet destroyer currently operating in the Baltic Sea off the Lithuanian coast”.

The Belgian jets, part of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission, took off from the Šiauliai airbase in Lithuania on April 17.

NATO regularly intercepts Russian planes that do not maintain radio contact on their flights between the exclave of Kaliningrad, wedged between Poland and Lithuania, and the Russian mainland.

Earlier in April, the US military officials complained that a Russian fighter jet came dangerously close to an American surveillance plane in the Mediterranean Sea, the second such encounter in four days in the region,  according   to Radio Free Europe.

Since Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in 2014, there have been a string of incidents involving unsafe intercepts involving Russian and NATO jets over the Baltic Sea.


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