Baltic Pride 2021 begins in Latvia

The organizers of Baltic Pride reported, that Baltic Pride 2021 begins in Latvia, with week-long events in person and online.

40 different events – discussions, workshops, film screenings, conferences – will take place throughout the week. You can find the full program on the  Baltic pride website.

The usual parade on Saturday will be replaced by a special bus ride throughout Rīga to avoid crowding in pandemic conditions.

“This is a week-long series of events where we speak of equality issues. This week we talk about business, about discrimination in the workplace, about how to become a better employer. We aim at speaking of differences altogether because we are not a special group. Our society consists of many parts. We talk about the respect of humans. It will be more of a judicial issue since we based [the events] on decisions of the Constitution,” said one of the organizers, Kaspars Zālītis.


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