Avia Solutions Group dispels doubts about connections with Russia

Avia Solutions Group has demanded that the Lithuanian intelligence service “dispel doubts about the firm, after it claimed that the aviation firm was unreliable.

“The information is important to the public. We are publicly asking and giving consent to the [State Security Department] VSD to disclose all information it has about our company,” Vygaudas Ušackas, a member of the company’s management board and former high-ranking diplomat, said in a press release.

The group cannot go ahead with its development and investment plans until the doubts about its operations have been dispelled, according to Usackas.

“That is why we demand the publication of information based on which the company’s operations are being blocked and its reputation is being tarnished,” he added.

VSD Director Darius Jauniškis said on Thursday that the intelligence service had doubts about the group’ operations and its reliability, and had informed the country’s decision-makers about it.

Last week, the Lithuanian government’s commission vetting deals by strategic enterprises recommended blocking Avia Solutions Group’s expansion plans at Vilnius Airport over national security concerns.

The group, which is controlled by Lithuanian businessman Gediminas Žiemelis, had planned to invest 7 million euros to expand its hangar at the airport and create around 200 new jobs.

In recent years, Lithuania’s national security bodies have been cautious about Avia Solutions Group’s investments due to its prior activity at Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport and its aviation operations in Russia.


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