Asthma less prevalent in Latvia than EU average

The proportion of people in Latvia suffering from asthma is among the lowest in the European Union according to new data from the EU’s statistics agency, Eurostat.

In 2019, asthma affected almost 6% of the    EU   population, a small increase compared with 2014 ( 0.3    percentage points  ). 

Among EU countries, Finland stood on the top of the list, with 9% of people reportingly having asthma, followed by Germany and France (both 8%). In contrast, only 2% of people in both Romania and Bulgaria reported having the condition.

Latvia also fared quite well, with 3.8% of people asthmatic, though the figure has increased from 3.5% in 2014. 

Compared with 2014, Germany ( 1.9 percentage points), Croatia ( 1.8 pp), and Belgium ( 1.5 pp) saw the number of people reporting to have asthma go up the most in 2019. On the other hand, Ireland (-1.7 pp), Greece (-1.1 pp) and France (-1.0 pp) registered the biggest decrease in people reporting this disease. 

As in 2014, more women than men reported having asthma (6% vs. 5%) in 2019. The highest share of reported asthma among both sexes and all age intervals was found in women 65 and above (7%). 


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