Arrivals from Poland do not have to self-isolate

Arrivals from Poland do not have to observe self-isolation, according to the latest information published by the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC) June 4.

Other countries on the “white” list where arrivals in Latvia do not have to observe self-isolation and Finland, Romania, Monaco, Iceland, Malta, San Marino, and the Vatican. 

Travelers from the EU, the countries of the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are also exempted from self-isolation, as  reported earlier  .

Self-isolation must be observed by arrivals from all countries where the 14-day cumulative morbidity rate exceeds 50 per 100 000 inhabitants.

SPKC specialists recommend that you carefully consider the need to go abroad, assess the risks and do not expose yourself and others to the risk of infection.

The list and requirements of self-isolation enter into force on June 5 at midnight.

The full list of countries is  available at the SPKC website  , in English, Latvian and Russian, along with advice on how to follow the self-isolation rules and the conditions applying to all persons, be they Latvian nationals or other nationalities.

We have also attached the list in PDF format to this story for your convenience.


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