Applications open for Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) invites environmentally-friendly farmers from Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine to apply to the 2020 where country winners all receive a certificate and award of 1,000 Euros, and the regional winner receives 10,000 Euros, according to the World Wildlife Fund in Latvia on April 3.

The contest aims to highlight the importance of green farming for protecting the Baltic Sea, and to share best practices. According to data from the  Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission  , also known as the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM), a significant portion of nutrients that end up in the sea get there through farming runoff – around 60% of total nitrogen and 50% phosphorus. This creates health risks for coastal residents and threatens biological diversity.

“Any farmer in the territory of Latvia can apply. You can send a motivational letter to us at the WWF and tell us what farmers are doing to lessen their impact on the environment. The main thing, of course, that we’re looking at in the contest is minimizing nutrient runoff,” said WWF Baltic Sea and Saltwater Program Director Magda Jentgena.

Both large and small farmers can apply, as well as both conventional and organic farmers. The motivational letter must be sent to the WWF in Latvia at     [email protected]   before May 5. You can also contact Jentgena at  [email protected]   if you have any additional questions. More information and criteria in English can be found on the  WWF Baltic website.


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