AK: Latvia’s stricter COVID-19 rules still eased in Valga-Valka

While Latvia and Estonia have comparatively similar coronavirus rates at present, restrictions are noticeably stricter south of the border, ETV news show “Aktuaalne kaamera” (AK) reported Sunday. The Valga-Valka ‘bubble’ remains in place, however.

Experts in Latvia are being increasingly asked why the coronavirus restrictions differ from those of the other two Baltic states and other countries, AK reported, with the answer from some being collective responsibility.

Uga Dumpis, Latvia’s chief infections specialist, told AK that: “Norway and Finland have been able to control their infections with fewer restrictions than we have, due to the public being united.”

Police patrols on both sides of the boarder were visibly stepped-up on Sunday, AK reported, with the Latvian force paying even more attention on whether those entering from Estonia have filled in a coronavirus declaration form electronically.

Valga-Valka compromises, still fewer restrictions north of border

One of the most pertinent regions of all covers the twin towns of Valga (Estonia) and Valka (Latvia), which have seen exemptions on border crossings from the earliest stages of the pandemic in spring, to reflect the close economic, family and other ties there.

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