airBaltic entire workforce would have to be vaccinated

Latvian airline airBaltic said October 12 its entire workforce would have to be vaccinated.

CEO Martin Gauss announced the move on Twitter, saying the current 87% of the workforce “vaccinated or immune” would be increased to 100% by November 15.

However, the wording appears to be slightly inaccurate and probably “recovered from infection” is meant instead of “immunity” as there is no guaranteed full immunity against Covid-19 infection, even among those fully vaccinated or recovered from a previous infection.

airBaltic’s primary shareholder is the Latvian state, which holds 96.14% of the stock, while Danish investor Lars Thuesen holds 3.86% through his fully-owned Aircraft Leasing 1 SIA. It operates 32 Airbus A220 aircraft and is headquartered in Rīga.

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