80% of Covid beds filled at Latvian hospitals

Nearly 80% of beds designated for Covid-19 patients in Latvian hospitals are occupied, according to a report by Health Ministry on October 12.

The information provided by the Ministry of Health shows that the total load of beds for Covid-19 patients remains high, despite the fact that the number of beds adapted for Covid-19 patient needs is increasing. During the week, the number of beds increased by 64% – from 709 to 970, and Covid-19 patient care was launched at Bauska Hospital.

Last week, 76% of Covid-19 beds were occupied in Latvian hospitals and 79% on October 11.

In the Covid-19 departments, 82% of beds are currently occupied, while in the intensive care unit the figure is 63% (55% last week).

The largest load of hospital beds is in the region of Riga. There, 85% of Covid-19 beds are occupied. In Latgale the figure is 84%; in Zemgale, 79%, Vidzeme 63% and Kurzeme 49%.

 Photo: Ministry of Health 

The lack of space for Covid-19 patients in Latvian hospitals has become a daily occurrence. Capacity has already been exceeded in several hospitals. 100% of Covid-19 beds are occupied in Balvi and Gulbene hospitals, but at Rēzekne Hospital, capacity has been exceeded by 2%.

94% of the beds are occupied at Stradiņš Hospital. Only 10% of beds are free in Jēkabpils and Lūdza. It is planned to set up a “field hospital” at Stradiņš hospital, if necessary.


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