7,200 doses of Janssen were delivered to Latvia

After a long break due to the manufacturer’s delay, 7,200 doses of Janssen single-dose vaccines were delivered to Latvia on Tuesday, September 14.

More than 19,000 doses are scheduled to arrive on September 21, National Health Service (NVD) said.

The small volume currently delivered, the Vaccination working group decided to prioritize the allocation of Janssen vaccines to hospital patients, patients getting home-visit vaccination (bedbound and senior patients), persons with mental health disorders, social services center residents and similar groups of population who might have trouble getting to a vaccination center twice.

Some Janssen vaccines will be available in regions: September 17 in Seda and Zilupe, and September 18 in Malta, Olaine, Līvāni, and Aizkraukle, NVD said.


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