500 dancers, one boardwalk across the bog creates magical performance

September 25, saw more than 500 dancers from 32 different dance groups staging a spectacular open-air performance with a difference: the dance was performed on a narrow boardwalk leading through the beautiful Ķemeri bog.

As noted by Jūrmala City Council, “folk dance rhythms resonated with the mythical mood of the bog, conjuring beautiful views, in which the autumn shades of the bog intertwined with Latvian folk costume patterns, reflected in the moss carpet of moor and reflections of dark lakes.”

Dance movements were accompanied by various acoustic instruments – wooden drums, tambourines, flutes, bells and others to create a magical atmosphere.

Dancers from Jūrmala, Rīga, Tukums, Liepāja, Ventspils, Jelgava, Saldus, Valka, Rēzekne, Priekuli, Slampe, Grundzāle, Pastende, Biksti, Valgunde, Ulbroka, Vērgale, Durbe and Nīca all met in the Great Ķemeri Bog to perform.

The author and organizer of the idea of ​​the initiative is Dace Kalēja, the leader of the “Jūrmaldancis” dance froup of Jūrmala Culture Center. The idea of ​​the campaign is to use non-traditional places for folk dance performances.

The result will certainly bolster Jūrmala’s  hopes of becoming a European Capital of Culture   in 2027.


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