“2 million reasons to get vaccinated” campaign launched

An information campaign has been launched encouraging the public to take up the chance to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Titled “Two million reasons to get vaccinated” — a reference to the approximately 2 million population of Latvia —  the first publicity wave features well known public figures including musicians, sports stars, actors, academics and medics on the front line explaining why they intend to get vaccinated at the first opportunity.

The reasons they give are varied, from wanting to resume training to wanting to see the audience reaction in a theater, but most reflected upon the desire to regain the random, interpersonal human interactions that have been made problematic by Covid-19.

Notably, the only political figure included in the film is ex-President Valdis Zatlers, who also had a career as a distinguished surgeon and medical professional.

“At a time when an increasing number of vaccines are gradually arriving in Latvia, the motivation of everyone to get vaccinated is important. Collective immunity is our common goal. A joint decision based on each individual’s motivation. The higher the number of people vaccinated in the community, the lower the risk of serious illness,” publicity material says.


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  1. Stephanie Stephanie Saturday, April 3, 2021

    Question-if the vaccines are so safe and necessary, why are 50% of doctors refusing to take them? This is the case in France, the US, and I am sure elsewhere. What do they know that the government propaganda machines won’t tell us?
    News outlets that are not associated with governments or BigPharma print many articles by qualified scientists and doctors writing about the dangers of these untested, no liability vaccines that already have visible side effects, and who knows what will be the consequences in the future?

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